From worth it to worth it!
One of the mainstays of our company is workshops and education on artistic taxidermy, medical history, and, well… anything related to Naturalism. We offer anthropomorphic taxidermy classes, entomology workshops, and even water colour painting for the 17th century Naturalist! We have new and recurring events every month, be sure to check out our schedule for a wide range of experiences! Many classes are all day events that result in your very own finished piece, while others are lecture based. We encourage presenters to contact us for facilitator opportunities. Got a fun idea? Let us know!


Need a little extra pop for your brick and mortar or pop up spot? We can assist in providing taxidermy for any business as well as work with you to fill in any scene. We have worked with a number of museums and businesses across the USA and would love to add Canada to that.


$300.00 to all the $Ks! Email for estimates
We are a fully commissionable taxidermy studio offering everything from anthropomorphic pieces to realistic natural poses of full size animals. While we don’t do head mounts of deer and the like, we fill all the spaces in between. Please also check out our prop building services and pet memorial services. We even have lion tiger and bear experience.


We have worked on a number of films and television series. From Robert Rodriguez and local GTA projects to small art house shorts across the USA, we are proud to present dead things either looking really dead or really alive. We work extensively in the Greater Toronto Area with shops in both Toronto and Hamilton.


We have expertise in preserving you dearly departed whether that be skeletal articulation, taxidermy, or other related memorial motifs. We are capable of doing everything from mammals to reptiles, so give us a think before going through burial or cremation services. We also take pets on a donation basis for educational specimens for medical and vet students. It is a hard decision, I know, but if tragedy should fall, we can help give further meaning to your baby. Don’t worry, we put our money where our mouths are… we will be donated in the same manner.


ODD can end up with a lot of strange and exotic accidental deaths from the area. This is the perfect opportunity for you to witness a medical dissection and get close and personal with some of the worlds most interesting specimens. We will cover everything from the musculoskeletal system to organ systems. We can focus on whatever you like! We are also experienced in special needs education as well as advanced adult education.
We offer dissections from all corners of the animal kingdom, but for the most part, the specimen depends what we have hanging out in the freezer at any given moment.